• Texas Tech University, J.D. – 1999

License To Practice

  • New Mexico

David Fadduol



David was born and raised in Lubbock, Texas, the same as this firm. When David was growing up, his father, Sam Fadduol, was becoming known for representing injured beef factory workers. David was immersed in the firm since its beginning, and the exposure impacted him. Not only was he exposed to a strong work ethic, but he was exposed to obstacles injured people face while navigating the legal system. This exposure lead to an unshakable desire to better the lives of those who need help.

Although David did not always plan to become an attorney, he found his passion for helping others could not be satisfied in any other field.

After graduating from Boston University in 2011, David worked as an assistant in the Lubbock office. Being back in the legal environment confirmed David’s desire to be an attorney, and he began Law School at Texas Tech in 2012.

David transferred from Texas Tech to the University of New Mexico (UNM) after his first year and graduated from UNM in 2015. With a positive reputation with all of this clients, David has been successful in his career as an attorney.