Neglect and/or Abuse Attorney

Residential treatment centers (RTC) offer a place for patients to rehabilitate from their ailments, but they are often subject to neglect and abuse from the staff – leading to severe consequences such as serious injuries and even death. If you or a loved one suffered neglect or abuse in a residential treatment center, please contact the RTC Lawyers today to discuss your case.

The RTC Lawyers Can Help You Seek Justice

The RTC Lawyers is a joint effort between two law firms committed to ending systemic institutional abuse at the hands of a negligent residential treatment center.

  • The skilled lawyers of Fadduol, Cluff, Hardy and Conaway P.C. have more than 35 years of experience litigating corporations for their negligence, successfully recovering tens of millions of dollars for our clients.
  • At Claggett & Sykes, our personal injury lawyers have secured numerous multi-million-dollar verdicts for clients abused and injured due to the negligence of large companies, including a record-setting $20 million verdict in 2018.

Neglect and abuse can have a serious impact on one’s health – especially those who are rehabilitating from various mental and physical conditions. Retaining the services of a lawyer experienced in litigating residential treatment centers can be invaluable in your fight for justice. RTC Lawyers provides the ideal legal counsel for your behavioral health facility abuse case.

  • We respect the needs of all our clients, so we take the time to listen before making any legal decisions. We want to make sure that we can come up with a comprehensive legal strategy that is specifically catered to your needs.
  • We conduct a thorough investigation of the circumstances around your abuse so that there is no doubt about your abuse case in the eyes of the court.
  • We aggressively pursue the maximum possible compensation for you, and we do not hesitate to take a case to trial if it means you receive the justice and closure you deserve.

Together, we want to help you seek justice for any heinous actions imposed upon you or your loved ones. Please contact us today to discuss your case and see how we can take care of you.

Causes of Neglect and/or Abuse

Residential treatment centers often have abusive or neglectful conditions for a variety of reasons.

  • The staff is improperly trained to handle patients.
  • The center has a shortage of staff.
  • The center hires staff that does not have the qualifications to care for patients.
  • The center did little or no background checks on their employees before hiring them.
  • There is overcrowding in the RTC.

All of these causes for neglect and abuse occur due to negligence on the part of the RTC.

Who is Liable for Neglect and Abuse?

Although the residential treatment center staff may have contributed to neglect and abuse, liability is often assigned to the center or company that owns the center. These entities are expected to uphold a duty of care to any admitted patients – including ensuring they have the adequate staff necessary to properly take care of them.

By not exercising this due diligence, the residential treatment center and its owners may be fully liable for any actions their staff incurs on patients.

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If you or a loved one suffered neglect or abuse in a residential treatment center, please contact the RTC Lawyers to seek justice today. We want to help you receive compensation for your injuries and hold those responsible parties accountable for their negligent actions.